IVF Resumes

Chapter 2

And yes… after about six months of break, I was all ready for the second fresh IVF cycle. My husband supported my decision for this cycle to be my last attempt. Before I write a recount about this cycle, I want to share that I had a Hysteroscopy surgery done in September 2018. It was an endometrial scratch which was supposed to increase the chance of embryo implantation.

I mentioned in chapter 1 that I had a Hysterosalpingo-foam-sonography done before. The result then suggested ‘Lysis of Asherman’s (simple) – a fine adhesion band across the uterus.

As a subsidised patient, the second doctor who took over my case suggested this endometrial scratch. I agreed after a few months of considering. Anyway, from the surgery, the doctor explained that there was no band inside afterall and he performed an endometrial scratch.

Ok. On a more positive note, I know that at least, there is probably, no obstruction inside the uterus that hinders my fertility.

Anyway. When menstruation finally came in early November, I went ahead to start my second and last fresh cycle.

Here comes my journey part 2…

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