IVF Resumes

I started the second fresh cycle on 3rd November 2018. Guess what? In this cycle, I had three different injections unlike the first cycle where there were two different types. There was another type of injection in this cycle called Puregon. Thus, in the first 4 days, I had to inject both Puregon and Menopur (which I used in the first fresh cycle). I remained cheerful and optimistic in the process.

The next 5 days were tough because I had to start the third injection, Orgalutran. I must admit that as compared to chapter 1 where I could still manage with two injections per morning, I definitely needed more courage this time round for three injections. I was afraid of the needle used in Puregon. It was longer and thicker this time and I had to push the syringe harder into my tummy fats. (No more saying of short and fine needle like in chapter 1!)

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