IVF Resumes

By Day 10, I was running out of steam. I remember the walk to the hospital pharmacy was very difficult. When? When is the last day of these injections going to be? There are more hormones injected this round, so why do I have to inject for more days unlike the first cycle? I broke down as I looked up at the ceiling, avoiding any eye contact with passers-by. I was constantly pouring out my heart to God. Before I headed back to the IVF department for injection, I gathered myself that the last day of injections was nearing. Don’t compare with the previous cycle. Take one day at a time.

Renew the mind to be courageous daily. Pray for God’s strength.

On Day 11, the doctor told me that I was ready for Ovidrel the next day. Yeah!!!… Finally!!!… Say goodbye to Puregon, Orgalutran and Ovidrel on Day 12!!!

Endometrial lining was 11(triple)mm.

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