IVF Resumes

It seemed to me that the hospital had made a change to the fasting timing. I did not have to wake up in the wee hours to feast this time round. Like most procedures, fasting is compulsory after midnight. I had dinner and some snacks and went to bed for occytes pick-up at 11am the next day.

Three days later, I went back to the hospital, ready for another round of embryo transfer. To my dismay, the doctor told me that my progesterone level was way too high, thus the cycle had to be cancelled. She said it was at ‘8’. i googled the units for normal progesterone level and yes, I think 8 is too high for embryo implantation to happen. I thought to myself that based on the general rule of thumb, anything out of balance might not be ideal, right?

Want a guess at the number of successful embryos I had in this second cycle? It was three! Haha. Sigh… 1 more than the previous fresh cycle done in May 2018…

These two embryos were of average grades, a grade lower than the very first two from my first cycle. My heart dropped. The doctor also said that the third embryo was still growing and its grade could not be defined at the moment. Thus, the embryologist would monitor the third embryo for another two days. I consented to freezing the two embryos on Day 3 and left the hospital.

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