The Great Expectation 2019

Chapter 3

Like I mentioned in chapter 2, nothing could be within my control or expectation, especially fertility matters. My original plan was to transfer an embryo in February after Chinese New Year, but I suffered from a viral attack to my nerves in early January 2019. Prickly pain on my right head scalp and 24-hours crawly sensation on the right face. It was a daily nightmare as sleep was interrupted.

I thought I was dying soon and told God that I would regret if I had not followed Jesus’ step in baptism. I have always procrastinated about signing up for baptism lessons. In my opinion, as long as God knows my heart as a believer, it doesn’t matter whether I go through baptism or not.

After taking a week long of Vitamin C plus, B1, B6 and B12, the doctor confirmed that it was not Shingles that was causing my prickly pain. He prescribed a mild dose of steroids that would reduce the inflammed nerves, and it really worked so quickly within the day.

However, that caused me to make the decision not to continue with the embryo transfer in February. Sigh… another wait again till May, where work stress is lesser.

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