His will be done

Chapter 4

Recounting my IVF journey and typing out here on this blog still makes my eyes well up. I did not embark on this IVF by reading much about it for fear that I might back out nor have any discussion with anyone who might have gone through the same experience.

My husband and I went with the flow of attending a scheduled small group session where the doctor briefly explained about the entire flow of IVF processes, acknowledgement and signing of many official docments and mandatory blood tests for both spouses.

I fumbled with the syringes in my very first fresh cycle, often nervous if I had remembered the nurse’s instructions. In every fresh cycle, out of the 11 to 12 days of daily injections, I surely encountered 1 to 2 unfortunate days of slight bleeding upon withdrawal of the syringes. Once, while a nurse helped me to inject, there was also the usual one mild drop of blood. Sigh. It happens and it is normal because the injection happens to be at a small blood vessel. Maybe ladies with alot more tummy fats might not encounter this, as my cousin once told me that her daily injections were painless and smooth-going.

Therefore, I thought watching the videos first (in chapters 1 and 2) might alleviate our anxious minds about self-jab procedures.

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