His will be done

Since the latest setback in June 2019, I have been trying to sort out my mind. There are pending personal and financial issues that I brought before God and I decided to re-prioritise my life to demonstrate that I really desire to trust God continually.

I mentioned in chapter 3 about my regret of not being baptised should I die. On July 14 2019, I started my first baptism lesson out of the total 10 in church. On this same day, my church friend, Jane, bought a book titled ‘hannah’s hope’ for me. This is a wonderful book written by Jennifer Saake, who lost ten children via miscarriages and failed adoption attempts before she is finally blessed with two living miracles.

I strongly recommend ‘hannah’s hope’ by Jennifer Saake (see page 9) to any lady out there seeking God’s heart in the midst of fertility struggles. This book comforted and encouraged me as i wept along reading. I think it has also helped to answer my question to God about prayers.

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