His will be done

I am finally pregnant for the first time in my entire 38 years of life.

1.5 years of undergoing 2 fresh IVF cycles, losing 3 embryos and succeeding with the last 2 frozen embryos.

I still wonder if the A* grade blastocyst was a trigger to kickstart a borderline pregnancy. I still wonder what might the outcome be if I had obeyed the doctor’s decision to transfer the 2 embryos in May, leaving the frozen blastocyst to remain.

This shall remain a mystery but I have again, realised my mistake of judging the embryos by their gradings.

This is the end of chapter 4. May it ends with a good start. šŸ™‚

May my sharings help you in a way. I really recommend you to also read ‘hannah’s hope’ as you persevere through your journey too. šŸ™‚

ā™” All God’s loving grace and strength to you and me. ā™”

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