Dedication to God

Hello everyone! After all the IVFs, 37 weeks of a smooth pregnancy and having to wear a mask when breathing is tough enough for a heavily pregnant me, my twins were finally born on 28th May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. JieJie Le Qi and DiDi Yi Kye were delivered through C-section, even though I pleaded with my gynaecologist to book for an operating theatre at week 36 (haha).

There are many reasons why I have to dedicate this blog to God. I have to lock this in to remind myself forever the goodness of God. God has been and He is really good.

It’s funny to many that Le Qi has an English name while Yi Kye does not. One night while hubby was watching TV programe, he told me that the name ‘Hannah’ simply flashed in his mind. Nope, he was not watching any drama character by this name. I had been praying about having biblical names for the twins for some time. In one of my previous blog, I shared about reading the book ‘Hannah’s Hope’. I took it from there that God had answered my prayer. My BSF friend, who also named her daughter Hannah, said that this name means ‘God’s favored grace’.

Yi Kye shall simply be known as Kye. I wanted his name to have an element of God’s attributes, so I decided on , which means righteousness and justice. means joyful and kind.

In an early ultrasound scan, it was detected that Hannah’s placenta was a low-lying one. The gynae and the nurses reminded again and again that should I bleed, I need to rush to the A&E asap. I realised the risk of this ‘placenta previa’ condition and prayed for God to protect especially JJ. I tried to buy a maternity policy but the purchase was rejected. It was a blessing in disguise indeed. Both the twins and I were discharged after spending 3 nights in the hospital. Praise the Lord!

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