Dedication to God

I realised something was amiss in the second month after my C-section. I still had a lower abdominal bulge and I walked with a heavy feel. Many relatives assured me that since my tummy ballooned too much for a twin pregnancy, I should be more patient as the bulge would slowly subside. However, my intuition tells me that it is not as what everyone assured me. Thanks to my sister, we started to goggle about the bulge when she visited me. I realised that I had a condition known as Diastasis Recti(separation of the “six-pack” muscles).

NONE of my galfriends know or had such a postpartum condition. NOBODY, nobody at all! Except for the pilates instructor whom I attended lessons with her for about a mere two months before my legs could not help me walk further.

I was utterly upset because physically, I was not prepared to look pregnant for a long time and that, I could not wear my pre-pregnancy clothings. I just could not accept with the fact that my upper and lower limps were thinner than before and that the culprit lies with the DR condition!

I sank into depression again and cried secretly to myself in the bathroom and in the dark night when my babies were asleep. Without explaining the many possible domestic issues that unfortunately happened during my confinement, as well as zooming into motherhood overnight with twins!,  I sank into postpartum depression for about three months.

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