Dedication to God

Functionally, I could not respond naturally like before even though I resumed work and travelling. For example, I had to wear a tummy shaper under my clothings so that I could atleast not walk with a tedious feel. I could not bend lowly or lie down quickly. I always had some discomfort bugging me. After seeking consultation with the gynaecologist, I started to seek medical solution to the DR. To sum up, I decided to go ahead with a general surgery while my twins were 5 months old then.

I started to cheer up even more as I realised that the healthshield policy which I bought in 2017 allows me to make 100% medical claims. Pow Wow! Praise the Lord once more! I once questioned God of the many unfortunate incidents which happened recently and a body which I was not prepared to sacrifice THAT MUCH of and especially, a weakened body function. My pastor encouraged me to read the book ‘ When Your Doctor Has Bad News’ by Joni Eareckson Tada. In a nutshell, I like what I skimmed through:
1) God blesses illness with purpose.
God brings purpose to illness and injury, where otherwise there might be only tragedy. It may not be clear to you what good can come of an injury or illness when you first receive the doctor’s bad news, but it is always clear to God. He will not waste your suffering. Some good will come from it.

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