My Journey

Yet another week later, my period finally came with dark spotting on Day 29. That familiar disappointment came back again… I cried so badly in the toilet and infront of my family that I had double eyelids the next day. Before I headed to the hospital for a scheduled Beta-HCG (pregnancy blood test) on Day 31, I prayed for God’s peace for my husband and myself. We left the hospital after my blood was drawn and we headed for town to watch Avengers. Shortly before the movie started, a nurse called to confirm that I was not pregnant. The low HCG count result did not affect me anymore.

My husband tried to cheer me up with jokes and lame conversations. I knew he must have felt disappointed too in the past few days. I had to collect myself quickly, for my husband and God, who has shown me much grace since the start of the IVF. The impact that God’s words has on me throughout and being touched tremendously by God’s love is something that I am thankful till now, despite the IVF outcome.

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