My Journey

Photos to share

Cousin who passed one of her many cooler bags used to contain breastmilk.

♥ Thankful for such supportive gesture ♥

cooler bag

ice pack
Pharmacist included a few small packets of ice packs to the IVF jab boxes.

Once the nurse mixed the powered medication to the liquid in the bottles, the temperature that the solution requires is air-conditioned surrounding…less than 27ºC i think. Even if one doesn’t have these, I guess it should be ok as long as we hop on into the car from the hospital and straight back home. Or maybe the hospital you visit provides a cooler bag. Ask the nurse at your initial visits if you remember!

ivf jabs

The needles are mostly short and fine. The last injection that looks like a pen has the shortest and finest needle. Fret not! Just Do It.

progesterone inserts

Practice makes perfect? I figured out the ideal squatting position and I did fingering first before I pushed the insert in. Haha. Just Do It.

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