My Journey

Thus, my IVF journey started in January 2018. Throughout the months, I was ordered to have blood tests done and also a Hysterosalpingo-foam-sonography done. I cried my heart out again in the toilet when my period started in end April. Why? My last hope of conceiving naturally crumbled. That moment of such familiar disappointment hit me again.

I really had to start injecting myself for IVF.

There were many questions in my mind, slight frustrations and self-condemnation of a useless uterus. But concurrently, many bible verses flashed across my mind. It really did despite my sadness then. I also recalled a ‘Our Daily Bread’ message which was about ‘God is in the waiting with us’. By faith, the unfailing love and faithfulness of the God I know consoled and calmed me down.

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