My Journey

When I woke up, I had peace in my heart. The surgery was a painless one for me. I did not suffer from gastric pain after more than 8 hours of fasting. While lying in the recovery station, I thought the experience was quite pampering – drinks and biscuits brought to me, nurses’ regular checking in their patient tones and unexpectedly comfortable pillows and linen sheets. I thanked God in my heart and chuckled that the post-occytes-pick-up had been pleasant.

Shortly after I returned home, I received a call from the hospital. To cut the story short, I had only 2 mature eggs out of the 5 extracted ones. My heart sank. Only two?? No extras left for freezing?? After eleven days of daily injections?? I knew I should not let my instinctive pessimism overrule me, but I woke up in wee hours and could not get back to sleep…

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